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Artist Bio

Dwayne Coryell, a lifelong D.C. area artist, typically expresses himself through acrylics, ink, pastels, graphite and charcoal, although you never know what medium he may be exploring at any given time. Dwayne has always been passionate about art. “Drawing is my first language,” Dwayne says. “Before I could speak, I was making marks on paper (and on walls – sorry mom).” Nowadays, his biggest inspirations are nature and the human figure.

Dwayne earned a degree in visual communications from the Maryland College of Art and Design, followed by another degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institutes. He launched two successful graphic design studios with friends, where he relished in delighting clients while putting bread on the table.


When life got messy, as it often does, Dwayne needed to decelerate his art and graphic design. Having freshly discovered the healing and inspiring power of creative expression, he has re-embraced his first love. Nothing thrills him more than nurturing his craft and sharing its fruit with others.

It naturally follows that Dwayne has begun distributing his art and participating in regional shows. While becoming even more engaged with the arts community, Dwayne completed his first one-person show. Here, fellow artists and the public will enjoy a vibrant display of techniques spanning from technical to abstract, where no two pieces will be exactly alike. After all, “My style and subject matter reflect a core value,” Dwayne says. “Variety.”

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