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The following is a small sample of my extensive graphic design experience. I've created logos, brand identities, brochures, catalogs, info-graphics, package designs, presentations, business and proposal graphics, illustrations, advertisements, trade show booths and on and on.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Fishmarket Logo.png
World Standards Day poster.png
Urban Seafood.jpg
The Women of Ophthalmology book.png
Tech Approach.png
The Mark Winkler Company brochures.png
SSA Conference brochure.png
SBIR STTR booth.jpg
R and D Soldier.png
Powersim packaging.png
JPME slides.png
JFK infographic.jpg
ePME logo.png
Guide to Lincoln Sites brochure.png
CSW Explosive Detection Services.png
Future Network.png
Golf Club brochure.png
DoD SBIR STTR logo.png
COOP sites.png
CMS logo.png
DOE Hydrogen booth.JPG
Cartoon Boss.png
Beyond Phase II Conference brochure.png
Baltimore map.png
AU mens basketball.jpg
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